The Royal Princess Liberty Landing Marina Wedding in Jersey City, NJ :: Olivia + Joe :: with Kayla H.

“We met on Tinder in March 2016, and Joe says the first time he started seeing stars was when we were talking about The Hobbit movies. I told him they had to have Orlando Bloom because you can’t have the quest travel through Legolas’s dad’s kingdom (Mirkwood) and not have Legolas make an appearance. It’s basically been an exchange of literature, movie, and music trivia ever since.” We. Love. That!! Olivia + Joe’s wedding on The Royal Royal Princess, overlooking the Manhattan skyline, could NOT have been any more perfect. Their personality was in every portion of their wedding, with book flowers, a royal blue top wedding dress, and lots of laughter.. We are so happy for these two beautiful people!

Congratulations, Olivia + Joe!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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