Philadelphia Wedding Photographer :: Melissa M.

We LOVE working with Melissa M. and seeing her work! She is so talented and knows how to capture a natural and beautiful portrait with ease. Her fun personality keeps you wedding day moving and she makes sure to capture every little detail you’d want to remember. We know you’ll love her just as much as we do, scroll to see all the pretty and learn a little more about her!

Tell us a little about your experience shooting weddings and what you love most about a wedding day.
I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania in 2017, and immediately started working for wedding companies that helped me grow as a photographer from not only an artistic standpoint, but a business standpoint as well. My favorite part of the wedding day is definitely the first look. Whether it be an isolated first look, or the first look down the aisle during the ceremony. I love seeing how much genuine whole hearted love there is between the couple.

What are some favorite places near you to shoot engagement sessions? I love love love Valley Forge National Park. I love botanical gardens/arboretums as well. Morris Arboretum and Longwood Gardens are beautiful places to photograph as well. Ridley Creek is also a very beautiful place. I love really just being able to go to any location that resonates with my couple personally, whether it be where they had their first date, or it’s their favorite park/coffee shop/etc.

What is your absolute favorite moment at a wedding? Anything that makes you tear up every single time? The moments that make me tear up the most at weddings are father/daughter mother/son or any variation of those dances. It’s so beautiful to see how proud the couple’s parents are of them.

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