Philadelphia Wedding Photographer :: Denida

Denida is one of our Philadelphia area photographers and absolutely killing it!! She is so talented and the way she captures love and emotion is top notch! We can’t wait to share more weddings from her and for you to get to know her for all the amazing she is!

Tell us a little about your experience shooting weddings and what you love most about a wedding day hen I was a little girl I used to think brides were magical princesses from another land. Still to this day I get goosebumps every time I see a bride for the first time. I love the whole energy in the room as the bride is getting ready. I like to capture that energy through the mother’s eyes as she buttons up her daughter’s dress or through the bridesmaids as they fix her dress. I feel so honored and humbled to share that experience with everyone and I try my hardest to convey that feeling into images. 

How did you get into wedding photography? I got into wedding photography because I think it is the hardest type of photography. I feel responsible to document the most amazing day for the couple and I feel pressured to do my best. I am one of those people that does best under pressure and I found out that weddings bring the best in me. A lot of my photographer friends think of weddings as “boot camp” but for me, nothing comes even close to the satisfaction of delivering amazing pictures to the couple

What is your absolute favorite moment at a wedding? Anything that makes you tear up every single time? My favorite moment of the wedding is once the ceremony is over, everyone has seen the bride, the performance anxiety is over and now it’s time to party. I love to see the new married couple walk in the reception hall and dance for the first time in front of their loved ones. This is the time I get to see the real interaction between the couple. Their guard is down, all is left is the real love they have for each other. I can see that in their eyes as they dance and I try very hard to capture that moment. Every time I see that, I get a little teary.

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