Manchester Country Club Wedding in Bedford, NH :: Jenna + Phillip :: with Alyssa S.

Jenna  + Phil are married!! Their relationship started off in a bar one night, thanks for fate! From there the rest was history, and J + P were in it for the long haul! Jenna told us their proposal story and we are just so happy for them to finally be tying the knot!

“Phil took me to Isabella Stewart Gardner museum on May 19th for something different to do. He works during the day as a teacher and I work nights as a nurse so our schedules are always colliding. We walked inside and around the courtyard in the middle where Phil had told me to stop and look out into the center of the courtyard so he could take a picture from behind me. He did and then told me to turn around, so I turned and saw two of his coworkers who I knew. Confused, Phil clarified to say “no, look at me.” Phil was holding the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen in his hand and got down on one knee to propose. Everyone was clapping for us and it was all such a blur! He had is two coworkers there who do photography on the side to come and take pictures of the proposal!! I must have said “oh my God, Phil!” one hundred times. Little did I know, he had already planned for our friends to meet us out that night at the Harp where we had met! It had all come full circle! We are truly best friends and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Congratulations, Jenna + Phil! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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