Highlights :: Stephanie + Doug’s Engagement in Charleston, SC :: with Stefanie

Stephanie + Doug have a really fun unique love story!! Here is what Stephanie has to say about meeting Doug  ::  Though we have only been officially a couple for just under 2 years, we actually met almost 10 years ago as college freshmen. We met at a party and became friends…very flirty ones! We took a chemical engineering class together and were study buddies- until Doug dropped the class and didn’t tell me! I still give him a hard time about this. We stayed friends over the years and occasionally went out on dates, though one of us would end up ticking the other off, or dating someone else, or move. The stars finally lined up for us in spring 2014!!  :: Stephanie + Doug, we love you both and are so excited to watch you two lovebirds get married!! xoxo



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