Cliff House Maine Wedding in Cape Neddick, ME :: Shannon + Drew :: with Alicia

Shannon and Drew were in each others lives long before they first caught each others eyes, though their fate was predicted on the night they first met. Drew has had a tendency to knock things over and fittingly earned the nickname Dr. Spills among his friends. At a Halloween party in Vermont, Shannon had walked in and caused one the guys to spill his drink, to which he exclaimed “Mrs. Dr. Spills has arrived!”

Fast forward 4 years, and at another Halloween party with the same group of friends, Shannon and Drew found themselves next to each other all night lost in conversation. Their first date was 5 days later, and they have been inseparable ever since. Their first year together they traveled to four countries, seven states, bought a house in Drew’s hometown, and renovated a rental property. We can’t wait to see what adventures married life brings them!

Congratulations, Shannon + Drew!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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