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Hey, I’m Laura!  Super proud to be bringing OLAS to North Carolina!  When I’m shooting a wedding, I’m thinking about so much more than your timeline and my shot list.  I’m thinking about how your partner will look at you when you see each other for the first time, your mom’s face as she buttons up your dress or pins on your boutonniere, and the incredible love in eyes of all the guests who traveled near & far to witness your marriage.

I’ve been shooting weddings for three years, right here in North Carolina and all across the globe!  I’ve taken my passion for photography to 21 countries over the past few years but truly believe it’s not the country or venue that makes a wedding special.  It’s the love that two people share and the unscripted and emotional moments of such a special day.

My style is a good mix of editorial and photojournalistic… which means that I love it all!  Both the styled portraits and the candid, emotional shots between you, your partner, and your guests!

I can’t wait to meet you!


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