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Why We’re Different


Sometimes, different is just plain different. But in our case, different means amazing . Amazing photos for you, that is.  


Our Team Approach:

Our approach has always been: do what you love, and make sure you’re really amazing at it. When it comes to the wedding photography business there are so many different moving parts that the photographer has to worry about. What makes Once Like a Spark so different is that we are a team of photographers who are able to focus all of our talents into delivering an amazing product because we are backed by a group of experts that guide us throughout the entire process. We’re proud of the way we run because it works in a way no other wedding photography company has really worked before. We stick with you throughout the entire process and we are always there to help with wedding ideas, answer questions, and help you celebrate this amazing moment in you lives! For more info, see Who We Are.

Our Photos:

So many photographers today are polarized, but we pride ourselves on the fact that our photographers can take the classic and trendy shots in the same session. We know that whether its five years or 50 years from now, you’ll want photographs that are classically beautifully, but that are also a little quirky, a little whimsical, and a lot charming and magical. To see for yourself, check out the Portfolio.

Our Price and Products:

One of the things that brides are worried about today is their budget. That is why our packages make it affordable to have gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime.  Our packages start at $2400, with endless options to make sure you’re getting everything you need. Once you get your images, you’ll want to show, well, everyone you know. From gorgeous organic albums to stunning gallery wraps, we have some pretty amazing ways to showcase your phenomenal wedding pictures.  For more info, Contact Us.


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