Why We're Different

Our difference: We do what we love and serve where we shine.


We’re a dynamic team of photographers based all over the continental U.S. and our approach has always been: do what you love and serve where you shine.

Almost 10 years ago, we asked ourselves: What do our couples, and what does the industry, really need?

We knew the industry didn’t need more amazing photographers… it needed more photographers who were able to do what they love and forget the rest. Our couples didn’t want more photographers to choose from… they wanted a new way to work with their photographer and a lot more guidance through the process.

We realized that we were better photographers when our sole focus was on doing what we do best: capturing the moment. And our couples were more and more thrilled as we started to bring on a support team that handled the rest – from booking & planning to editing & album design.

The difference, simply, is this: We only do the things we love (and that we’re really good at) to make sure that our couples get the photos they’ve always dreamed of and an experience they didn’t know was possible.

Our support team is made up of some of the best experts in the industry! They guide all of our couples throughout the entire process, allowing us to focus all of our energy on delivering an amazing product.

We’re proud of the way we work together because it works in a way that no other wedding photography company has really worked before. We’re present with you throughout your entire planning process and we’re always here to help with ideas, to answer questions, and to make sure you have the celebration of a lifetime… with the gorgeous photos to prove it!

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Most of today’s photographers are polarized – shooting either traditional portraits or capturing candid moments. We pride ourselves on being amazing at both. Our team can take both the classic and candid shots in the same session.

We know that whether it’s five years or 50 from now, you’ll want photos that are classically beautiful, a little whimsical, and that take you right back to the charm and romance of your day.

To see for yourself, check out our Portfolio.


We get it. Wedding photography can be expensive. That’s why all of our packages make it possible to have the photos you’ve dreamed of at an affordable price.

Our packages start at just $2450, with endless options to make sure you get everything you need (and nothing that you don’t).

Once you get your gallery, we know you’ll want to show… well, everyone! We have incredible options for showing off your photos, from stunning organic albums to gorgeous gallery wraps.

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