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Sneak Peek :: Morgan + Clay’s Wedding at The Fred W. Symmes Chapel and The Shirley Roe Cabaret Room in Cleveland, SC :: with Jen

Morgan + Clay’s South Carolina wedding is truly one of the best! M + C’s proposal story is just the sweetest :: The back story: Clay lost his sunglasses while paddle boarding one weekend at Morgan’s parents’ lake house in Columbia, SC. The sunglasses sunk to the bottom of the lake and were nowhere to be found. How it happened: Clay and Morgan were visiting Morgan’s parents during Thanksgiving break. Being the early bird that Clay is, Clay woke up at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, got dressed and walked into Morgan’s room to wake her up. Clay told Morgan that he was looking at the lake and thought he could spot his lost sunglasses and needed her help fetching them. Being the late sleeper that Morgan is, Morgan was very hesitant to get up and told him he was crazy but threw on a pair of shoes and a coat and walked to the dock with Clay. Morgan turned around and tried to spot Clay’s sunglasses without success. As she turned back around to talk to Clay, she found him on one knee with a ring. Speechless, shocked and very sleepy, Morgan said yes! :: Sincerely, this is one of the all time sweetest proposal stories we have ever heard!! Now these two sweeties are married and we are thrilled for them.

Morgan + Clay, we love, love, love your amazing wedding photos! Congrats, y’all! xoxo

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