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Sneak Peek :: Marichelle + Troy’s Wedding at York Street Condos in Savannah, Ga :: with Shain

Marichelle + Troy’s Savannah, GA wedding is simply the sweetest!! M + T met at work and have been together since 2010. This sweet couple really wanted to have a fun, intimate wedding that focused on family and we think they seriously nailed it. Every photo is filled with love and it totally melts our hearts. Shain was the absolute perfect fit to document Marichelle + Troy’s special day. As we say in the South, the proof is the puddin’!! Scroll through these photos and try not to smile – we bet you can’t!

Marichelle + Troy, we love you guys so much. We will cherish your amazing wedding photos forever. All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: York Street Vacation Rental Condos | Florist :: Broadway Botanicals | Cake & Catering :: Chef Nick Mueller and Company LLC | Entertainment :: Moon River Productions | Officiant :: Danelle Smith-Holt | Wedding Dress :: JCrew | Hair & Make-up :: Dollface by Jules  




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