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SNEAK PEEK :: Christine + Jared’s Wedding at The Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, IL :: with Isaac

Describe how you felt right before you walked down the aisle  ::  Nervous. Not for the big moment that was about to occur, but because I could sense Gryff was about to go rogue.– Jared   Anxious to get through the ceremony, and the night started. Excited to see all of the friends and family that had traveled to Chicago for the big day.. and to see Jared of course.- Christine

What was your favorite detail from your wedding  ::  Gryff.  From the flower collar (props to the Bread & Butterfly) to pre-wedding photos around the city with Isaac, ending in Gryff’s refusal to stay/ stand at the altar – we loved having Gryf with us all weekend, especially on the day of the wedding.  Classic Gryff moment – Gryff getting bored during the vows and leaving the altar to lay down by the guests and having to be coaxed back so we could exchange rings.

Christine + Jared, we are so in love with your wedding photos!! Gryff is definitely one of the most awesome wedding attendants we have ever seen! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception: Hard Rock Hotel | Florist: The Bread & Butterfly | Cake: Sweet Mandy B’s | Entertainment: DJ Chicago | Wedding Dress: J Crew | Invitation & Programs: Wedding Paper Divas

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