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Sneak Peek :: Cassi + Doug’s Wedding at Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman, AL :: with Jen

Cassi + Doug are a couple of the sweetest loves around and now they are married!! We are thrilled for them. Their adorable engagement session, from earlier this year, featured C + D smooching under some mistletoe which totally got us all so excited to watch them tie the knot! We love oh, so many things about this wedding but here are a few of our very favorites :: All the pretty details – we are truly blown away by the loveliness of C + D’s entire day, the effortless beauty of Cassi in her wedding gown, their amazingly fun and gorgeous bridal party, their super fun reception dance party, and most importantly the love that Cassi + Doug radiated, for each other, throughout their big day. To sum it up, we pretty much love everything about Cassi + Doug’s wedding!!

Cassi + Doug, congrats, you two!! All our Love. xoxo

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