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Scituate, MA Wedding: Scituate Lighthouse and The River Club: Caroline and Josh: with David

Caroline + Josh’s Scituate wedding was as magical as they come…and their love story is as well. These two met at work, and their first date included a romantic kiss on the red carpet outside the Convention Center in Boston’s Seaport District. Flash-forward a year and a half later, and Josh recreated the same date night. This time, though, instead of a kiss on the red carpet, he got down on his knee. It’s no surprise that such magic was a part of their gorgeous wedding date at The River Club – from picture-perfect snaps with their dogs at the Scituate Lighthouse to a first dance under whimsical twinkling lights. We absolutely LOVED being a part of this special wedding day, and consider it the utmost honor to capture these meaningful moments. Thank you, Caroline and Josh, for inviting us to be a part of it! CHEERS!


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