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Princeton, MA Wedding: Harrington Farm:: Stephanie + Mark:: with Caroline

Stephanie + Mark’s wedding day was absolutely one for the books. These two have had such a rich, meaningful life together for many years, and their gorgeous wedding day was the perfect celebration of that. Stephanie and Mark met as co-workers, and she knew quickly that he was the man that she would marry. They’ve built their life together over the past six years, including the addition of their two (over-the-top adorable!) children, who played a big role in their wedding day. Just from being around these two, you can sense the deep connection and foundation they have with each other, and we’re so honored that we got to capture their beautiful ceremony and bond on camera. We loved how their couples portraits were filled with giggling, and laughing, and joking around…and speaking of couples portraits, make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see the shots we were able to sneak out and get at sunset. GORGEOUS! Thank you Stephanie + Mark for allowing us a glimpse into your beautiful life and family – it was an honor to capture it all on camera!


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