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Manchester-By-The Sea-Wedding::Singing Beach Club::Katie + Ben::with Graham

There’s something special about a classic love story…you know, where the couple has known each other their whole lives, falls in love, and gets married? Katie and Ben are the real-life example of that. These two have known each other since kindergarten (!!), and although they are currently living in California, they brought it back to their New England roots for their wedding celebration. This Singing Beach Club celebration is one we can’t get enough of – from the classic New England coastal feel, to Ben and his Marine friends dressed to the nines. The best part of this wedding, though, was watching how much fun Katie and Ben had with each other. From private intimate moments during their couples portraits, to reciting their vows, to cutting the cake, these two never stopped laughing with each other. Katie + Ben, we’re so thankful we got to capture these incredibly beautiful moments on camera and video, and we wish you a lifetime of laughing together!


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