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Highlights :: Whitney + Griffon’s Wedding at First Presbyterian Church and The Red House in Nashville, TN :: with Josie

Whitney + Griffon met through a mutual friend.  Ten days later Whitney realized that Griffon was the man she would marry and another ten days later she said she loved him. But, the best part of their love story is the way that Griffon proposed!! Get ready for this… Griffon gathered all of the exact people that witnessed their first meeting at the very same house to surprise Whitney.  He played a song that he wrote for her (heart melting!!) while she walked toward him on a path of candles. Whitney says she remembers seeing fireflies twinkling all around them!  A true visual that makes all our hearts jump!!!

Whitney + Griffon were married on a rainy January evening at the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN with the lovely Josie there to capture all the love.  Y’all, this church is beyond amazing! The organ,  the simple white walls, the holiday wreaths and the vaulted ceilings are all breathtaking!!  The perfect backdrop for this fantastic Ceremony. Not to mention a bagpipe!! What a wonderful sound on those vaulted ceilings. We can hear it now! We are also madly in love with the couples portraits that Josie captured of the couple under the cutest Umbrella ever. So Romantic!

Whitney + Griffon you are beautiful inside and out. We loved so much to be a part of your amazing celebration! All our love. xoxo

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church Franklin, TN | Reception: The Red House | Florist: Margaret Roberts | Cake: The Cupcake Collection | Caterer: The Daily Dish | Pastor: Chris Joiner | Dress: Maggie Sottero | Bridesmaid dresses: Vera Wang | Groomsmen attire: Vera Wang

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