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Highlights :: Tiffany + Vinay’s Wedding at Trump Winery Pavilion in Charlottesville, VA :: with Molly

Tiffany + Vinay’s engagement photos are so beautiful and got us all so excited for their wedding!! T + V had two incredible ceremonies and we sent Molly, our amazing photographer, to both. The resulting photos are completely breathtaking. Tiffany was a gorgeous bride in all three (yes 3!!) of her gowns. On their wedding website each filled out a section about themselves. Vinay’s section says only this :: I love you, Tiff. That is my story. :: Swoon big time!!

Tiffany + Vinay, we love you guys so much! Thanks for allowing us to document your love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: Trump Winery | Florist :: Floral Images Design Studio | Cake :: Cakes by Rachel | Caterer :: C&O Catering | Entertainment :: King Studios DJ | Officiant :: Father Mario Calabrese | Wedding Gown :: Casablanca | Hair Stylist :: Brianna Adams | Make-up Artist :: Nikki Benedikt | Transportation :: Quicks Bus | Wedding Planner :: Maureen McKenna 

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