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Highlights :: The Adorable Barnes Family Session at Whittier Mill Park in Atlanta, GA :: with Nikki

Today is a good day, y’all – we have a majorly adorable family session that is sure to melt your heart!! Meet the Barnes family – Steph, Bria, Riley, Cindy, Steve and Bryson. If there is one thing we know for sure, after looking at these sweet photos, this family is so in love with each other!! We simply adore it. Precious little Riley definitely stole the show with her adorable little smile. Bria first contacted us about setting up this session to celebrate her parents 60th birthday and their 30th wedding anniversary! How sweet is that!?! Nikki, one of our super talented Southeast photographers, was the perfect fit to capture all the love this family has for one another. This is one of our very favorite family sessions of all time!!

Barnes family, we love you all so much. Thanks for sharing your family with us. xoxo

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