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Highlights :: Tenesha + Robert’s Wedding at Mt. Olive Baptist Church and Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen, VA :: with Kait

Describe how you felt right before you walked down the aisle  ::  I was on a mission. I had just decided that morning to sing my way down the aisle, so I was running through the notes in my head as a way to keep my nerves calm about what was getting ready to take place! That sounds a little backwards, but oddly enough, I’m way more comfortable singing in a crowd than walking through one. I sang Amel Larrieux’s “Make Me Whole,” and having those lyrics on my mind before I walked filled me with so much longing and excitement to see my honey that there wasn’t too much room for any fear! – Tenesha

How’s married life been thus far  ::  Married life is beautiful. To wake up and see the woman of your dreams is soothing beyond measure. My favorite thing about being married to my wife is that I’m married to MY wife. She’s a wonderful woman and I have learned a lot about myself while being with her. I love everything from the sweet pillow talks we have to her laying on my chest until she falls asleep. – Robert

Tenesha + Robert, we love you both so much!! Congrats. xoxo

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