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Highlights :: Tara + Vadim’s Wedding at Sylvan Lake Estate Angwin, CA :: with Cassie

One word that sums up your wedding day  ::  Our wedding day was incredible! Vadim and I felt very lucky to celebrate our special day with our closest family and friends. I will always remember the joy and smiles that were shared throughout the day.

Was there anything your guests really loved  ::  Our guests loved the venue! We wanted to host our wedding at a private location in wine country and the estate was absolutely perfect. It really set the stage for a beautiful celebration.  

Tara + Vadim, your wedding was truly breathtaking!! Congrats. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Sylvan Lake Estate | Florist :: Little Dog Flowers | Caterer :: Epicurean Escape Catering | DJ :: Sound in Style Productions | Wedding Dress :: Willowby by Watters | Hair Stylist :: Lindsay DeLaGarza | Make-up Artist :: Rose Rosales | Wedding Planner :: SmittenKiss | Bridesmaid Dresses :: BHLDN | Grooms Attire :: Bonobos


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