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Highlights :: Tara + John’s Wedding at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church and Reception at the Old Courthouse on the Square in Decatur, Ga :: with Chad + Tina

Tara + John met in college and became instant friends. After attending a leadership conference where they were (luckily!) assigned to the same small group something sparked in Tara’s heart for John. It’s clear that these two are true best friends and so in love! They are adorable and will melt your heart with their beauty and sweet affection towards each other.

Tara + John were married at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church with their adoring family and friends. The beautiful christmas decorations gave the day such a warm, inviting glow. There is nothing more magical than a winter wedding!! Tara + John decided not to see each other before the ceremony but still wanted to take some stunning photos together. You can just tell that John is dying to peek over his shoulder at his gorgeous bride.  The electricity between the two is undeniable! The couple ended the night with a stellar party that included an artist who painted a scene of their first dance. How cool is that?? Overall, what a fun day and we love every second of it!

Tara + John you are gorgeous inside and out and we are beyond thrilled to share your celebration! All our love. xoxo

Ceremony: Peachtree Road United Methodist Church | Reception: Old Courthouse on the Square | Florist: Katie Loyd of Boukates | Cake: Confection Perfection | Caterer: Zest Atlanta Catering | Entertainment: The Atlanta Pleasure Band | Dress: Paloma Blanca | Hair: Brent Upton | Make-up: Leah Carmichael | Planner: Leah Drisdell | Live Artist: Wed on Canvas

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