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Highlights :: Stephanie + Brendan’s Wedding at Cathedral of Christ the King and Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA :: with Nikki

Stephanie + Brendan’s engagement session in Piedmont Park with Nikki was so perfect! We just knew that their wedding would be spectacular and we were right!

Stephanie + Brendan had a full Catholic Mass at Cathedral of Christ the King surrounded by family and friends. Their ceremony was filled with lots of personal touches which truly make it feel so special and lovely. At the beginning of the ceremony, Brendan lit a memory candle for his mother and placed some flowers by her portrait! Stephanie had her high school friend that she was in orchestra with play the viola during the prelude! These things plus many others are what made their ceremony so heart warming and wonderful!! We love it!

Our photographer, Nikki is super talented and really great at capturing the small moments that are the most meaningful to the couple. She did just that! We adore the intimate moments that S + B spent together taking photos before heading into their reception!

Stephanie + Brendan, we adore you both so much!! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony: Cathedral of Christ the King | Reception & Caterer: Agnes Scott College | Florist: Alpharetta Flower Market | Cake: Publix |  Entertainment: Moody | Officiant: Father Frank Richardson | Wedding Dress Designer: Justin Alexander | Shoes: Kate Spade | Hair stylist: Blend Beauty Group | Make-up Artist: Theresa Stone | Invitations: Blush Paperie | Wedding Planner: Signature Weddings by Christine | Bridesmaid Dresses: Angelina Faccenda | Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

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