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Highlights :: Sherrie Brooke + Aubrey’s Wedding at FUMC at Carey Station and The Barn At Crooked Pines in Eatonton, Ga :: with Nikki

What is the one thing you want to remember 10 years from now about your wedding  ::  In ten years I will remember my dance with my dad. We did a dance that started with a slow song and we had the song abruptly stop midway and the Nae Nae song broke out. My dad and I just went to town dancing to the Nae Nae. We wanted to catch the crowd off guard and we absolutely did! I will also never forget my dad’s toast. It was such a heartfelt, sweet toast. I’ve had dozens of people tell me it was the best father toast at a reception they’ve ever heard. For Aubrey- I will always remember the moment the doors opened before Sherrie Brooke walked down the isle. I was mesmerized by her beauty and it finally hit me that we were truly getting married. It was then that I felt such a flood of emotions.

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that helped to make your wedding memorable  ::  We would both love to thank the Ankerich’s for all the hard work they put into planning our wedding. Sherrie Brooke’s mom would come straight home from a long day of work and continue working on wedding stuff until late at night. Mr. Ted was such a great support system through all that, too, and helped put several things together! Both Sherrie Brooke’s aunts made several things happen, like invitations and the bridal brunch! We would also love to thank Aubrey’s parents, the Breiner’s, for spoiling us with so much during the process!! The rehearsal dinner was absolutely amazing and couldn’t have been a better setting!!! It took a village for our wedding to come together and I’m thankful for everything our family did! The weekend was everything we could have dreamed it to be!

Sherrie Brooke + Aubrey, we absolutely love your wedding photos!! Congrats you two. All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony :: First United Methodist Church Greensboro at Carey Station | Reception :: The Barn At Crooked Pines | Caterer :: At Your Service Catering | Entertainment :: MVP Band | Officiant :: Bart Scarborough | Wedding Planner :: Jana Roper

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