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Highlights :: Sarah + Eli’s Engagement at Bradley Estates in Canton, MA :: with Graham

Sarah + Eli’s engagement session with Graham is incredible! But, first we have to share the story of how Sarah + Eli met! It is a great story:

Eli and I met online at match.com. I know online. He always tells everyone he “bought me online”, how charming. We were both in a place where college (and college relationships) were behind us. I was working as a professional bum-wiper and soap lather-er as a nursing assistant in a nursing home getting in my patient care hours before applying to physician assistant school. Eli was working as a special police officer at the time in his hometown (yes, he’s a towny, but I am working on that). So we had both decided to venture out into the online dating world after meeting not so lovely people out on the town. I think my mom made me do it. Anyways, I gave in and signed up for one month on match.com. I was hoping and praying that I wasn’t going to end up throwing $35 down the drain, but I decided to jump in head first. So we both went out on a bunch of dates; some okay, some awful, and some just plain wrong. In roles the end of my month and this good looking guy (Eli of course) emails me with some ridiculous generic message (and of course I find out later he sent that same message to a number of other girls: “Hi, I was looking through your profile and we seem like we have a lot in common!” I showed his profile to my mother, who exclaimed “You should definitely go out with him! He is handsome and he is Jewish and Jewish boys are always nice!” After much eye rolling, I decided to meet up with Eli. We met up at a bar and I remember him standing outside the door. He looked so HOT. My first thoughts were, “WOW! He’s tall (check!), he’s handsome (check!) and he was on time (check!)” He opened the door for me and we walked to our table (I still remember which table it was) and we sat down. The waitress came over and asked us for our drink order. I ordered a bud light on draft (ew what awful taste I had) and he ordered a maker’s mark on the rocks. My first thought was “who orders that?”. Then we began talking and he laughed and I thought it was his nervous laugh, but no, its just his lovely, adorable, earth shattering laugh. We talked for over two hours. When it was time to leave, he said “we should definitely do this again sometime soon”. Well, I wasn’t going to leave it at that. So I said (which Eli will deny), “How about Friday?”. It was love at first site (and first Eli laugh) for me. And of course after Eli saw my unrepenting beauty it was love at first site for him (kidding, but no, really). Three years later we were engaged and we couldn’t be happier.

Sarah + Eli, we absolutely love your engagement photos and we can’t wait for your wedding! xoxo


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