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Highlights :: Sara + John’s Wedding at a Private Residence in Whitestone, VA :: with Kait

Sara + John met 5.5 years ago when they worked together. Sara says instead of bonding around the water cooler it was a dysfunctional xerox machine that brought them together!! How cute is that? Every single moment from their Art Deco inspired wedding takes our breath away. There is really something so special about these photos of Sara + John – we are transfixed by their love!! Kait, our amazingly talented Virginia photographer, did a phenomenal job documenting this special day. We especially love the super dreamy sunset couples photos!!

Sara + John, we love you both so much. Congrats!! xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Private Residence | Florist :: The Wild Bunch | Cake :: Mary Lee Kent  | Caterer :: Dori Farrell | Entertainment :: Choice Entertainment | Officiant :: Tom Davis | Hair & Make-up :: Elle Style Studio | Transportation :: Virginia Rides


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