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Highlights :: Rose + Derek’s Wedding at Wedgewood at Black Forest in Colorado Springs :: with Michele

Tell us something interesting about your wedding  ::  Our wedding took a turn for the unexpected when a wild fire broke out in the Nederland area that evening. The best man had been working with the the coordinator all afternoon to monitor the situation and to keep it a secret from Derek and me in case it wouldn’t amount to anything. About an hour before the ceremony, the wild fire had spread and the fire marshall confirmed that all buildings were being evacuated from Boulder canyon, including our venue. I had three choices: cancel the wedding, try to have it the next morning, or move it to Wedgewood’s other venue in Colorado Springs, which happened to be free that night. It was an easy decision – we were going to Colorado Springs, baby! Everyone sprang into action to make it work; guests were notified, shuttles were arranged, and the staff at Wedgewood pulled off nothing short of a miracle to relocate everything to the venue two hours away. I was in shock for most of the drive down, and at one point a tear or two may have escaped, but as I heard the groomsmen cracking jokes in the back seat and as my future husband was squeezing my hand, I knew deep down was going to be okay in the end. The new venue was beautiful, we changed our grand entrance song to “We didn’t start the fire”, and you know what? Any other blips throughout the night paled in comparison to THE disaster, and even that couldn’t stop us from getting married, so spirits were high all around. I was surrounded by loved ones, everyone was still having a fantastic time, and I was getting married to the person of my dreams. All of the important things were happening. We had an absolutely amazing wedding and my husband and I are still reeling from it and receiving love and compliments from our guests. Just goes to show that anything can happen – the important thing is to focus on what really matters and carry on. Plus we have pretty incredible story to tell.

Write a note of thanks to anyone that helped make your day special  ::  I want to thank the guests who really rallied to make the new venue work. Many volunteered to be designated drivers as there was limited shuttle space and they had endure a two hour drive back to Boulder at one in the morning. I want to thank Michele, our incredible photographer, who not only calmed me when we found out about the fire, but also offered to stay later and capture some more shots of our evening despite going over the photography timeline. Last but not least, I want to thank Wedgewood for saving the day for us. When we arrived at their new venue in Colorado Springs, everything was set up as it would have been at Boulder Creek – decor, food, drinks, everything. To this day, I don’t know how they pulled it off, and I cannot thank them enough for helping us still have an amazing evening.

Rose + Derek, we are so AMAZED by the two of you!! You both remained calm and joyful throughout a day full of unexpected situations and we are in awe of the grace in which you handled everything. Your wedding was truly magical. We loved every single second of it. All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Wedgwood Black Forest | Florist :: La Momo Maes | DJ :: Wedgewood DJ | Officiant :: Rick Cosgrove | Wedding Dress :: BHLDN “Penelope” | Make-up Artist :: Brides by Rosanne 



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