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Highlights :: Rachel + Austin’s Engagement at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Tyler

Rachel + Austin are high school sweethearts and they are getting married!! When we asked Rachel how they met this is what she says :: Austin and I have known each other since our Freshman year of high school. We had a couple of classes together and our sophomore year, he asked me to go to a hockey game with him and a few of his friends. It went well, and we decided to go on an actual date a few nights later, and the rest was history. We have been together for six years now! We have been together for six years now. We have been through a lot, from high school proms, to going off together to college at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, to both of us deciding to transfer to separate schools halfway through due to the direction of our career paths, and most recently to getting an apartment together in downtown Atlanta after my graduation. I remember Austin telling me that I was the girl he wanted to marry about 6 months into our relationship when we were 17 years old. And although it seems crazy looking back, he was right!  ::  Love this sweet story so much!!! Rachel + Austin we cannot wait for you wedding! xoxo

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