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Highlights :: Phillip + Monica’s Wedding at The Vineyard at 37 High Holly in Scaly Mountain, NC :: with Nikki

At what point did you feel most the joyful on your wedding day  ::  I felt the most joyful when we were walking in as husband and wife and all of our friends and family surrounding us, cheering as loud as they could. Everyone in the room could feel the happiness and love. – Monica

How’s married life been so far  ::  I didn’t expect to feel much different but I absolutely do. Our life together now feels bigger and more fulfilled. – Phillip

Describe how you felt right before you walked down the aisle  ::  I had a sense of calm that I wasn’t expecting. I was excited to see him and a little nervous about standing in front of everyone but as far as finally saying our vows and getting married was concerned, I was calm and ready. – Monica 

What is the one moment you want to remember 10 years from now  ::  Has to be our first dance. It was something we worked on together for so long and it was perfect. – Phillip

Phillip + Monica, we are so in love with your amazing wedding photos!! Congrats, y’all. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: The Vineyard at 37 High Holly | Florist :: Oakleaf Flower & Garden | Cake :: Artista Cakes | Caterer :: Rosewood Market | Entertainment :: Sound Extreme Entertainment | Officiant :: Philip Lingle | Shoes :: Bagdley Misckha | Day of Wedding Coordinator :: Jennifer Creswell 


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