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Highlights :: Morgan + Dan’s Engagement Shoot at the Norris Reservation in Norwell, MA :: with Graham

“Dan and I met 2 years ago in February in Boston! Our first date was the night before the big snowstorm of 2013. We met in the Seaport and we both were late. We hit it off right away and were there for 3 hours! After that we talked everyday and spent every weekend together. We decided that summer that we wanted to move in together the following winter. Dan had just bought a house in Norwell, so that December (2013) I moved in with him. In March of 2014 we bought a Bernese Mountain Dog, Nellie, together! She is our little love right now. We just adore her! This past September Dan and I went to the Vineyard, where we would go a good amount in the summertime. We went out to breakfast at the Airport diner (where they fly little two seater planes). Dan thought it would be so fun to take a tour of the island in one of those planes. I, of course, wasn’t sure since I’m not a fan of heights. Dan convinced me and we went up in the plane and toured the whole island. It was amazing! On our way back, Dan stopped the pilot from talking and said that he had to ask me a special question. He then pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. It was the best day of my life!”

Our beautiful engagement shoot today is featuring Morgan + Dan and their sweet pup Nellie. They were  on the gorgeous Norris Reservation and the day could not have been more beautiful! With incredible scenery and our amazing photographer, Graham, M + D had the prefect recipe for a wonderful engagement. We jut LOVE how cute these two were while walking around in the fall wear, just being themselves. Congrats on your engagement!

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