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Highlights :: Morgan + Charlie’s Anniversary Session at their home in Auburn, Ga :: with Nikki

Hello Lovelies! Today’s anniversary session is very special to all of us here at OLAS.  Morgan is one of our amazingly talented photographers!! She stepped out from behind her camera for a super sweet anniversary session with her handsome hubby Charlie. Nikki met them in their very first home together for their session and the results are out of this world adorable.  Nikki is really fantastic at capturing the sweetest most loving moments between a couple which she did perfectly this time! The photos of Morgan + Charlie snuggling on their bed are completely wonderful. Basically, every single photo is dreamy and 100% frame worthy!

Morgan really wanted to wear her wedding dress a year later for some photos and holy smokes, they are some of our very favorites!! Charlie’s red suspenders + Morgan’s red cowboy boots = the best thing ever.  Seriously, the BEST!

Morgan + Charlie, we love you both BIG time! Thanks for always being so rad Morgan! xoxo

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