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Highlights :: Michael + Kartika’s Engagement at Grant Park in Atlanta, GA :: with Leilani

OK, these two will make your day! Michael + Kartika’s engagement is so much FUN!  But just to know a little bit about them, here is their story:

“We never thought that we had met our future spouse the evening we first met. A nice lady, we call her the “Massage Lady,” had set us up which is surely the most unromantic way to have a first date with a Father, Dr. Wang, and an Uncle, Benjamin Hoeng, present. But, we had a good conversation that evening and decided to exchange numbers. After the initial date, we continued to see each other first going to each other’s churches together and even had a couple dates, family members NOT present. There was always good meaningful conversation and companionship; however, we never thought about taking this relationship beyond friendship until we were separated by distance. Tika moved back to Indonesia March of 2013 and we lost contact for half a year yet somehow we were pulled back together. With the help of technology our friendship went on like usual and eventually Michael invited Tika to meet him and his family in Taiwan. Romance ensued! Kind of. Michael was the most unromantic romantic showing up at the airport hung over and smelling of cigarettes. Tika questioned God if she made a right decision coming to Taiwan but God told her to stay and give this Loser a chance. Romance ensued! for real this time. Twelve hours prior to Tika’s flight back to Indonesia, Michael decided to visit Tika’s family in Medan. He eventually asked Tika’s father’s blessing in marriage the night before he left Indonesia. Michael then proposed to Tika at the airport in Indonesia with a promise, and we were engaged. The distance that separate us physically brings us even closer and stronger together. Having a long distance relationship makes us grow to love each other more and reminds us to embrace the moments when we’re together.”

What a cool story!! Both M + K were dressed to impress for their shoot with Leilani! I especially LOVED Michael’s vest…so cute! Oh my, I can’t wait for their wedding, its going to be awesome!!!


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