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Highlights :: Melissa + Matt’s Wedding at Roberta Evangelistic Church and The Blacksmith Shop in Macon, Ga :: with Shain

Happy day! Melissa + Matt are married and we are so happy for them. In case you want a refresher, here is their incredible love story and their engagement photos!! There is really something so magic about the love that M + M have for each other. Shain, one of our amazing photographers, did a magnificent job capturing the magic throughout their wedding day. Melissa, surrounded by her lovely pink bridesmaids, made for a gorgeous bride. We can totally see why Matt fell in love with this radiant woman! After their intimate ceremony, Melissa + Matt invited their guests to the beautiful Blacksmith Shop in Macon, Ga for an amazing celebration! It’s clear everyone had a great time – we know we did!!

Melissa + Matt, we adore you both and wish you a lifetime of love!! All our Love. xoxo

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