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Highlights :: Marc + Emily’s Wedding & Rehearsal at Willow Creek Falls in Blue Ridge, GA :: with Nikki

What was your favorite detail from your wedding  ::  The weather. Someone was definitely looking down on us from above, because the weather was absolutely perfect when it really shouldn’t have been. The forecast was consistent the week before our wedding with the chance of rain during our wedding time being around 80%, which stressed us out all week. When we got to the venue, it rained the entire day before the wedding, causing us to have our rehearsal inside the reception hall. The morning of the wedding it rained off and on, and the forecast said a 60% chance of rain at6pm which was our time at the altar. The photographers got there around 1:30 and low and behold the sun came out, and stayed out. The sun stayed out with some clouds during all of the pre-wedding pictures, and right before the wedding the weather was still good, but the horizon looked bleak with clouds, and no one was sure as to whether the weather would hold. The preacher even asked Marc what we would do in the event of rain, to which Marc replied, lets finish it up quickly, but It isn’t going to rain, I know it won’t. Sure enough, the weather was absolutely perfect through the ceremony, and once we were married and passed the last row of the aisle, Marc felt a small raindrop hit his arm, and it started lightly sprinkling. This sprinkling kept up on and off during the post wedding pictures and as soon as everyone was inside for the food, the bottom let out and there was an awesome thunderstorm. The weather held off just for our wedding and we couldn’t be more thankful to whoever was responsible!

Marc + Emily, we are blown away by the beauty of your wedding!! All our Love. xoxo

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