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Highlights :: Maggie + Joey’s Engagement at Piedmont Park and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga :: with Katey

Maggie + Joey’s engagement photos with Katey are so dreamy! When we asked Maggie how they met this is what she has to say :: Joey and I met when I went to his fraternity house to deliver cookies during the first week of my freshman year at Georgia Tech. He was recruiting for his fantasy football team and being a huge college football fan, I had to know his strategy and who he was picking. We hit it off immediately. A few football games and two weeks later, we started dating. We have since enjoyed four seasons of GT football, a couple hundred pounds of Tin Lizzys queso, and tons of laughs. :: We love their sweet love story and think it is absolutely fitting that they met at Georgia Tech’s campus for their photos since that is where they first met!! Love these two. xoxo

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