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Highlights :: Macy + Michael’s Wedding at Vinewood Plantation in Newnan, GA :: with Greta

What advice would you give to future brides/grooms for their wedding  ::  My wedding went about as smooth as any could go. My advice for other brides/grooms is that it is never too early to start planning and to keep a detailed planning folder so you aren’t having to remember every detail for the many questions each vendor will ask. 

Was there anything in particular that your guests really enjoyed  ::  The polaroid guestbook was a real hit! Everyone thought it was a great idea. The wedding day was one big happy blur but once we finally got home from the wedding we were able to look through the pictures and relive the moments. 

Macy + Michael, we are so very grateful for you both. All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Vinewood Plantation | Florist :: Virtu Floral and Event Design | Cake :: Lush Cakery | Caterer :: Tulla White | Entertainment :: The Retreat | Officiant :: Brandon Hubler | Wedding Dress :: Alfred Angelo | Shoes :: Nina Shoes | Hair & Make-up :: Beauty Asylum | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Alfred Angelo | Groomsmen Attire :: Men’s Wearhouse

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