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Highlights :: Liz + Ian’s Wedding at the Capital City Club in Atlanta, Ga :: With Nikki

Today’s wedding can best be described in three words:  Magical. Elegant. Fun.

Liz + Ian’s story is so darn sweet, y’all!  The two met in college and worked together but barely spoke since their fraternity and sorority weren’t exactly friends. Years later Liz + Ian started talking online, went on their first date and realized the connection. From then on, they have been inseparable!!

Liz + Ian’s Ceremony and Reception were held at the Capital City Club in Atlanta, Ga and our lovely photographer Nikki was there for every second.  There is something so magical about winter weddings. Everything is so shiny (we are looking at you Liz!!) and intimate.  We love every wintery detail that was put into decorating the ceremony room. That fireplace is simply Stunning! The reception that followed is one for the books. These two, their friends and family know how to throw a party!! Not one dull moment with Liz + Ian. Not a single one!

We love you both times a million and wish you all the happiness in the world! xoxo

Ceremony/ Reception: Capital City Club

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