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Highlights :: Leah + Joshua’s Engagement at Fernandina Beach, FL :: with Shain

Leah + Joshua have the very best love story  ::  We met a little over three years ago in Gainesville, Florida while tailgating at a Gator game. I graduated from there, he was in town visiting his sister who was in school at the time. We had no mutual friends – they just stopped at our tailgate because it looked fun, and Josh knows few strangers. We remember meeting each other, but went our separate ways after a couple of hours. A few weeks later, we both randomly were staying at the same Embassy Suites hotel in Tampa and ran into each other at the manager’s reception. I was in town for a concert, he was there with his family celebrating his dad’s birthday. We said hello and again went our separate ways. Then about a year later, I was with some friends in Fernandina Beach staying at our family beach condo. We went out downtown on Friday night to the Palace Saloon, and when we walked in, Josh was there! It took us a few minutes to put together where we had met before, but once we did, we figured meeting three times in three different cities, all places that neither of us lived, was enough of a sign to give dating a shot. And the rest was history.  ::  Swoon!! We love their sweet story so very much!! Leah + Joshua, we can’t wait for your amazing April wedding!! xoxo

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