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Highlights :: Lauren + Justin’s Wedding at Lydia Mountain Lodge & Log Cabins in Stanardsville, VA :: with Kait

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  I felt most joyful during our ceremony when we were holding hands and exchanging vows. – Justin

Describe how you felt right before you walked down the aisle  ::  Right before I walked down the aisle I felt relaxed, excited, and so relieved the rain FINALLY stopped for a few minutes. The weather cleared up just long enough for us to have the beautiful outdoor ceremony we dreamed of. – Lauren

What was your favorite detail from your wedding  ::  Our favorite detail from the wedding was all of the personal touches. Our friend Mallory did such an amazing job on our decorations. It gave our wedding a handmade and personal feeling, which we couldn’t have achieved without her. 

Lauren + Justin, thank you so much for sharing your love with us!! We adore you both. All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Lydia Mountain Lodge and Log Cabins | Cake :: Potomac Pastries | Caterer :: Baja Bean | Entertainment :: Epic Sounds Entertainment | Officiant :: Dave Norris | Wedding Dress :: Melissa Sweet | Hair Stylist :: Amanda Gossert | Make-up Artist :: The Cutting Edge 

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