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Highlights :: Lauren + Ben’s Engagement in Atlanta, GA :: with Chad and Tina

“Ben and I have been together for almost two years. We met through mutual friends. Funny story, we want out on a date in June of 2012 and had fun but didn’t really reconnect for another 6 weeks. Our “second first date” as well call it was in late July 2012. That was the date where sparks really flew! Ever since our second first date, we started seeing each other every few days, and as they say, the rest is history!”

Lauren + Ben love exploring Atlanta, so they headed out with our amazing photographers, Chad and Tina, and got some incredible shots! Whether they were strolling through the beautiful wooded parks or the Jackson Street Bridge, they made sure to get some super incredible backdrops for their big day.  Let’s not forget to mention their sweet pup, Walter…he is so precious and such a great addition to this already lovely session. Congrats!!

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