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Highlights :: Kris + Ben’s Wedding at the Mulberry Street United Methodist Church and The Blacksmith in Macon, GA :: with Chad + Tina

Hey y’all! Kris + Ben’s wedding really is something special! But first, here is how they met:

“Ben and I knew each other in high school where we share many of the same friends. It wasn’t until the end of his first semester at Mercer Law School that we started dating. My cousin’s roommate was in the same class at Mercer Law and held their end of the semester party at my cousin’s house. My cousin invited some of us to come over as well.

Everyone knew everyone else at the party except a handful of us, so we were about to leave. Then I saw Ben and decided to go speak to him. He teases me now about how I walked up to him and said, “Hey! I’m Kris Hattaway. Do you remember me?” Instead of leaving we stayed at the party! He got my phone number and started texting me after that. Texts led to our first date and four years later he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!”

From beginning to end, Kris + Ben’s wedding had a classic elegance that was executed perfectly! They had a grand ceremony at the Mulberry Street United Methodist Church with their friends and family. Kris looked so timeless in her wedding gown as she walked down the aisle. I just can’t get over the lace on her dress. It was so chic! Continuing the theme of elegance, K + B had a dazzling black tie affair at The Blacksmith in Macon, GA. Family is super important to both Kris + Ben, so they wanted to include family heirlooms, like the toasting goblets that Kris’ grandparents used at their wedding. How sweet is that?! And I hope y’all check out their cake… it is splendid three tier cake with Peonies down the front. Yum! Can’t say enough about this gorgeous wedding, y’all will just have to see for yourselves. We wish Kris + Ben all the best!!

Ceremony: Mulberry Street United Methodist Church | Reception: The Blacksmith Shop | Florist + Caterer: M&W Designs  |  Cake: Amanda’s Cakery | Music: The Grapevine Band  | Officiant: Reverend Ben Gosden | Bride’s Dress: Rivini | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Alfred Sung | Groom’s Attire: Ingleside Bridal |  Hair: Amanda Jane Salon |  Invitations:  Lithopress

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