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Highlights :: Kim + Taylor’s Engagement in Downtown Macon, Ga :: with Jen

Kim + Taylor’s engagement session in Macon, Ga is so lovely! We asked Kim how she and Taylor met and we just love this story so much  ::  Taylor and I met through a bible study with some mutual friends at Mulberry Methodist Church. We were the 2 single people in the group, so naturally all of the girls wanted to play matchmaker to get us together. I was not really interested in being set up, but they went ahead with it anyway. The group hosted a potluck dinner and invited both me and Taylor. We chatted off and on throughout the night, but he didn’t get my number so I assumed he wasn’t interested. I got a call from an Athens number the following Monday and didn’t answer because I’d recently been getting lots of fundraising calls from UGA, and I thought I’d skip the call. After there was no message, I got to thinking that maybe it was Taylor. I quickly called a friend to confirm his number, and it was him. (I still pick on him for not leaving a message!). A few minutes later I got up the courage to call him back and awkwardly say I got a call from his number. He quickly made it less awkward by asking me out on a date to Dovetail that Thursday. We went out the next two Thursdays and have been together ever since. ::  Kim + Taylor, we can’t wait for you wedding!! Love you both. xoxo

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