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Highlights :: Kelsie + Brian’s Wedding at The Keeler Property in Jacksonville, FL :: with Anna

Y’all, we are just in LOVE with Kelsie + Brian’s wedding. But first, lets her how they became an “item.”

“Brian and I met in high school . We spent the summer becoming friends and by the fall I was smitten . We had so much in common and enjoyed spending time together going to concerts , movies and hanging out at soccer games . We were friends for 2 year before Brian got the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend. He was a freshman at FSU and I was a junior in high school and we have been together ever since.”

K + B’s rustic, timeless wedding was nothing short of perfection.  Can we start out by discussing Kelsie’s dress… uh-maz-ing! So simple, yet absolutely gorgeous!  Their ceremony decor was very romantic, with vintage doors covered with a floral garland, it was such a great idea. Fastforward to K + B’s reception, there was corn hole, smores, and a whole lot of fun. Kelsie + Brian were smiling from ear to ear and we couldn’t be happier for them. ENJOY!!

Ceremony + Reception: The Keeler Property | Florist: Jade Violet | Cake: D&D Cake Designs | Catering: Anthony’s Gourmet Catering | Music: Love Your DJ | Bride’s Dress: Vera Wang |   Bride’s Shoes: Jennae and Liz (etsy shop) | Bridesmaids Dress: Dessy | Hair + Makeup: Simply Artistry | Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

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