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Highlights :: Kelly + Eamonn’s Engagement at Pondicherry Park in Bridgton, ME :: with Graham

Kelly + Eamonn’s magical winter engagement session is so wonderful!! We asked Kelly to tell us their love story and this is what she had to say  ::  Eamonn and I are a match.com success story! Our first date was almost 3 years ago. I was super late, but Eamonn waited patiently for me outside on one of the coldest nights of the year. We went ice skating (he was a hockey player so he was showing off all night). It was just one of those dates that we both never wanted to end. Fast forward to nearly 3 years later and here we are planning a wedding!!  :: Graham, our amazing New England photographer, did a fantastic job documenting K + E’s love – we can’t look away from these photos!! Kelly + Eamonn, see you guys in May! xoxo

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