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Highlights :: Kelli + Justin’s Wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth, Ga :: with Josie

What is something you want to remember 10 years from now about your wedding  ::   I always want to remember how I felt when Justin and I were standing in front of all our family and friends taking our vows. My stomach was filled with butterflies of excitement, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more in love with him. I could also feel the love from all of our favorite people surrounding us. It was such a magical moment.  

What was your favorite detail about your wedding  ::  One of my favorite things about the wedding is how personal and meaningful it was. I had my chorus teacher from middle school play the guitar and sing as I walked down the aisle. The lyrics of the song he sang, “Forever” by Ben Harper, sum up exactly how Justin and I feel about getting married. My best friend from childhood was our officiant. She was able to personalize our ceremony to fit exactly with our personalities and even squeezed in a Beatles quote! 

Kelli + Justin, we are so in love with your wonderful wedding photos!! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: The Conservatory at Waterstone | Florist :: Maria Akinyemi | DJ :: Greg Picciano | Officiant :: Lindsey Allumbaugh | Wedding Dress :: Stella York | Hair & Make-up :: Vigilante Cosmetics | Invitations & Programs :: Elli – Courtney Sterkel| Ceremony Music :: Chris Whittington | Bridesmaid Dresses :: The Dessy Group

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