Highlights :: Kayla + Taylor’s Engagement Shoot at Piedmont Park and Little 5 in Atlanta, GA :: with Greta

Uhmm, y’all have to hear how cute these two are…here is how Kayla + Taylor met:

“His step cousin is one of my best friends so she introduced us. He apparently kept asking her “who is the blonde that always wears the headbands in all of your photos?” But I was dating someone at the time so she always responded that I had a boyfriend. Well, that ended up not working out so about a month later we met him out at this little dive bar in Marietta for some drinks. I really didn’t want to go just bc I had had a pretty rough night the night before but we went anyways. He had me laughing all night and we ended up holding hands that night (like 14 year olds)… But he got my number and we’ve been together ever since, which was over two years ago.”

We are infatuated with Kayla + Taylor’s Atlanta engagement session! Between Piedmont Park and Little 5, this shoot could not have gone better! The bright paintings on the wall and their stylish outfits made for some stellar shots. But more than anything, you can see such a sweet love between these two and that makes for the best photos.  ENJOY!!


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