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Highlights :: Kayla + Hunter’s Wedding at 550 Trackside in Lawrenceville, GA :: with Greta

At what point did you feel most the joyful on your wedding day  ::  The part of our wedding day that made me feel the most joyful were the 10 minutes or so leading up to the ceremony, and the moment Hunter and I finally saw one another.  In the last 10 minutes, I was finally able to sit still, and take in the fact that I was hiding in a room with the women in my life that mean the most.  I knew that outside those walls, all of the people that mean the most to Hunter and me were filing in the building, to witness the most important moment of our lives.  And I knew that all the planning and stressing and rushing was over, and Hunter and I were about to officially commit to loving each other for the rest of forever.  I got to stand in a circle and listen to one of my closest, sweetest friends pray over Hunter and my marriage (and make me cry) and I got to hold my Daddy’s arm as I cried down the aisle to meet my handsome groom.  There was so much joy packed into that 10 minute period, and I will happily reminisce on it for the rest of my life.

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that really made your day special  ::  We would like to thank every single person who had a part in making our day the best day of our lives.  Thank you to our parents and families for everything they gave, physically and emotionally, for us and our day.  Thank you to our wedding party for surrounding us with love and laughter, and for calming us down when we needed it.  Thank you to Rick Williams, the wonderful man that made us husband and wife.  Thank you to our amazing vendors that took our vision and made it a reality.  We would like to give a most special thank you to Mary Eddy & Whitney Young for everything they both did to create the most perfect atmosphere for us to enter into and then celebrate our marriage. You all are the very best, and you will always have a special place in our hearts.  We love all of you, and we are forever grateful for your part in helping us make the most perfect memory.

Ceremony & Reception :: 550 Trackside | Day of Coordinator :: Whitney Young

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