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Highlights :: Kavita + John’s Wedding at Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma, CA :: with Tracy

At what point did you feel most the joyful on your wedding day  ::  Among the many joyful moments on our wedding day, there are two that really stand out for us, and both are about the joy of celebrating our wedding surrounded by our families, friends, and community.  First, we both felt incredible happiness during our ceremony as we looked out at the smiling faces of all the people who had gathered to support us and witness our wedding day.  Second, we will always remember the loving words we heard from the family members and friends who gave speeches during our reception. 

Was there anything in particular your guests really enjoyed  ::  We heard from many guests that they especially enjoyed the elements of our wedding day that were created by friends and family!  Lots of people complimented the delicious and beautiful cupcakes that John’s sister, Callie, baked for our reception.  Many people also commented on the perfect floral design on the arbor where we held our ceremony – which was done entirely by our friends!  We were so grateful to have the help, and happy that our guests really enjoyed those elements.

Kavita + John, we love you guys! Your wedding was stunning!! Congrats. All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: Ramekins Culinary School | Cupcakes :: Callie Carey | Cookies :: Crisp Bakeshop | Caterer :: New Delhi Restaurant | DJ :: AMS Entertainment | Officiant :: Nilesh Pandya | Hair Stylist :: The Red Chair Salon | Invitations & Programs :: Minted | Wedding Planner :: Marie Rios

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