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Highlights :: Katie + Ryan’s Wedding at Vinewood Plantation in Newnan, GA :: with Greta

What was the most surprising thing about your wedding  ::  Darth Vader was there! He and a storm trooper met us on the dance floor when we entered the reception to the Star Wars Theme. They even brought us a gift.

Was there anything in particular that your guests really enjoyed  ::  Glow in the dark wiffle ball. The day was so windy but when it died down it was a beautiful night and it was a fun way to get everyone outside for fresh air and s’mores. And it was a first for Vinewood!

Tell us something interesting about your wedding day  ::  We didn’t find out until afterward that Robert Brown, the minister who performed our ceremony, wrote our perfect vows especially for us. He has known me since I was seven years old and his daughter and I grew up best friends. We have now been in each other’s weddings! Mr. Robert knows me and has gotten to know Ryan well enough to have put the perfect words to the love, growth, and commitment we will share for the rest of our lives. We are so grateful.

Katie + Ryan, your wedding photos are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your love with us. All our Love. xoxo

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