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Highlights :: Katie + Charles’ Wedding at Peachtree Road United Methodist and The Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, GA :: with Jen

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  The entire weekend was filled with joy for us- beginning with the rehearsal Friday night and continuing throughout the entire weekend!! It was so special for us to be able to celebrate with all of our closest friends and family. 

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that helped make your day special  ::  To my parents who made this special day happen for us, to our family and friends who traveled to celebrate with us and helped make our day so magical, to all of the vendors: The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta, The Moore Agency, Greg Hall and Company, Once Like a Spark, Elaine Burge, and Mo Sol Band-thank you for making our day so perfect! It was beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Katie + Charles, we are majorly in love with your perfect wedding photos!! Congrats, y’all. xoxo

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Ceremony :: Peachtree Road United Methodist Church | Reception :: The Ritz Carlton | Florist :: Greg Hall and Company | Entertainment :: Mo Sol | Officiant :: Dr. Bill Britt | Wedding Dress :: Modern Trousseau | Hair & Make-up :: The Moore Agency | Live Event Painting :: Elaine Burge 


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