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Highlights :: Kathy + Sebastian’s Wedding at The War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN :: with Josie

Kathy + Sebastian’s Nashville, TN wedding with Josie is so wonderful. We have been so excited to show you these photos and the day is finally here!! Kathy + Sebastian met through Sebastian’s mom.  Kathy says she was the best wing-woman ever and played a integral part in the two getting to know each other effortlessly even though lived far apart! Talk about a great way to fall in love! Here is what Kathy has to say about her love: All the years before I met Sebastian, it never once crossed my mind that I may become an army wife. While there are aspects that sometimes feel daunting – I now wouldn’t have it any other way. Sebastian and I are so thankful for the beautiful love story God wrote for us and we are incredibly excited about the adventures we’re going to have together!

Kathy + Sebastian,  We love your wedding photos so much!! We just know you are going to have many many adventures together and we are honored to have been a part of this one!! All our Love. xoxo

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